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1969 USA Berkshire UFO Drama Revealed

25 May 2023

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A Netflix documentary has unearthed sightings of a UFO in a small town in Massachusetts, USA almost 54 years after witnesses first reported them.

On the 1st of September 1969 residents of the small town of Sheffield, Massachusetts reported seeing a “Disk-Shaped” flying object which performed “acrobatic manoeuvres in the sky”. It is unclear how long it lasted but witnesses reported “losing track of time”.

It was later estimated that around 40 people reported seeing the UFO. Many of these Sheffield residents, who were children at the time, still live in the area to this day. Many of them say, “We were embarrassed to tell our story over fear being named liars.”

It was also stated at the time, that the brief UFO encounter was powerful enough to leave a huge sense of confusion in the town and the surrounding area. School children were said to be drawing pictures of UFOs in class and adults were called into radio stations to try raise awareness of what they saw.

Robert Krol, director of the Great Barrington Historical Society, recalls his shock at how normal the UFO witnesses were. “An old student of mine! One is a local shop owner whose father was the police chief in town. So, these are reliable people. These are not self-promoters.”

One of the most outspoken eye-witnesses, Thomas Reed, saw the UFO when he was 9 years old on September 1st 1969.  Reed recalled that he and his family were heading home from a restaurant when he noticed “a mass of glowing lights peaking out from behind the lush trees on the empty road.” He then reported that the lights then continued to emerge from the trees.

Reed claims that he was taken to a hangar-like area that was around 100m long and 50m wide. He continued to see glimpses of this strange place in his brain until he realised that he and his family were back inside their car but not everything was in place his mother and grandmother had switched places.

Reed helped convince other witnesses to be more vocal about what they saw that day and fundraised to erect a 2000kg concrete monument on the site where he and his family saw the UFO. Reed then formed the non-profit UFO Monument Park Inc to maintain the land where the monument was.

The UFO sighting on that fateful day has impacted the lives of those who saw it and will forever it as a strange distant memory that has no explanation of what happened. The mystery remains unsolved and still haunts the small town. Nobody knows exactly what actually happened and whether it was true or false.

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