Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 19

24 February 2023

Dear Parents,

I trust everyone had a restful half term; Year 5 boys delighted in regaling me of their various holidays in Geography this week, and Leo M even took the time to send me four separate postcards – thanks Leo!  The Bakers caught up with a bit of ‘House Admin’, Brigid and I came a creditable fourth in the Highwayman Quiz and we took a couple of trips into London as a family.  Tuesday, of course, was Valentine’s Day and after 18 years of marriage, it’s sometimes difficult to think year on year of interesting, imaginative and thoughtful gifts to buy one’s spouse.  I chose a nice green vase to go in our predominantly green kitchen…I think (know) I’ve bought a vase before but Brigid was grateful and it is now proudly on show.  I received a large box, which sounded like Lego…but couldn’t be, as Lego isn’t a Valentine’s gift…but I was delighted when I ripped off the wrapping that it was Lego…albeit Lego flowers.  “I know flowers are not really your thing but I know Lego is and these would look good in your office” said Brigid.  And she was absolutely right.  Together with Patrick and Joseph, we built the flowers in record time and even accessorised with a few other additional pieces.  I’ve brought them into school and proudly displayed them in two separate vases.  Helpfully, these flowers need no watering and simply a light dusting every now and again.  An excellent, thoughtful, practical gift – I must try harder than thinking of a vase next year…

Presents of a different kind continue to flood into The Beacon with what is becoming one of the longest ‘scholarships season’ I have ever experienced.  Many congratulations to our latest crop: Rory Collar (Academic and Performing Arts – Shiplake), Nicholas Detre (Drama – Merchant Taylors’), Patrick Howells and Lithum Arambawela (Academic – Merchant Taylors’), Max Threlfall (Drama – Bradfield) and Theo Taylor (Music – Rugby).  To achieve so many scholarships, to so many selective schools, across a wide range of disciplines, is testament to the well rounded education that the boys have experienced here.  Bravo boys!

Have a good weekend

Nick Baker

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