Year 4 Viking Day

10 February 2023

Good Health or ‘va sæll’ as the Vikings would say!

This term, our Year 4 boys have been learning all about the Vikings and to finish off their topic, they enjoyed a fully immersive Viking Day. Our boys put on their best Viking outfits to get into the spirit of the experience. They were then welcomed into school by their Viking teachers and began their day of learning lots of interesting facts.

Throughout the day, there were various fun and challenging Viking-themed activities planned. They began by putting their craft-making skills to the test and learnt how to write their own names in ‘runes’ on old Viking paper. They were then tasked with creating either Thor’s hammer or a cross to wear around their necks. They finished off the activity-making sessions by making a game called ‘Hnefatafl’ to play with their friends and family. They did this by crafting shapes out of clay.

The Viking afternoon consisted of watching a film related to the topic, followed by a theatrical session where the boys imagined they were Vikings at The Beacon, raiding and pillaging.

Our boys had a fantastic day and improved their knowledge extremely well throughout this immersive learning experience!

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