Ashmolean Museum with Year 3

8 February 2023

Our Year 3 boys enjoyed a wonderful day exploring the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

After arriving, they met with their tour guide and were told they were to become Ancient Egyptian detectives for the day. They were handed clue cards and challenged to find specific artifacts that were dotted around the Egyptian display.

The boys heard lots of very interesting facts about all the different artifacts they had found, such as where it came from, what year they believe it to originate from and what it may have been used for.

Moving on into the next area of the Museum, our boys were met with an Egyptian tomb, the Museum’s largest artifact. The tomb was carved with hieroglyphics and outlines of Pharos. The boys were amazed by the size of the tomb and had lots of questions for their tour guide.

After this, they were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to hold a real Ancient Egyptian artifact. The boys were split into groups and each given a different item to look at, then they had to answer various questions about the item, such as what they think it might have been used for.

The boys stopped for lunch to refuel after a insightful morning of learning. Back out exploring the museum, they ventured over to where the mummies were displayed. They got the chance to look at the the different mummies and found out lots of fascinating facts about them. To finish off the day, they explored the Ancient Rome and Greece areas of the Museum.

Our Year 3 boys had a fantastic day that really benefited their learning of Ancient Egypt.

Take a look at the gallery of images below.