Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 2

13 October 2022

Dear Parents,

First two weeks complete and whilst it’s only been ten days for staff and eight for boys, such is the busy nature of The Beacon, it feels like we have all been back a lot longer as the school is already fully into its rhythm. Cheery boys and cheery staff; it’s very clear that this is a place that everyone enjoys being a part of.

As prepared as the staff and I felt before we started back, I have to admit I was slightly dreading the weekend of 3 & 4 September. Back in March, I received an email from Harrow School, inviting me to take part in their ‘Long Ducker’ bike ride. This is an annual fundraising event for their charitable foundation, with participants attempting either the 45 or 85 mile course, starting and finishing at ‘Bill’s Yard’ outside the famous old school. I like cycling, I like a fitness target, and I thought that with the date so close to the start of term at my new job, this would show good intent to a school that traditionally has had an excellent relationship with The Beacon… therefore, I signed up and put the date in my diary.

Fast forward to this past August and, as the start of the new school year and my new job came into sharper focus, the bike ride was becoming more and more of an inconvenience.It was too hot to do any meaningful training (well, that was one of a number of excuses) and I didn’t feel ready. But, I always think that if you commit to something you must always go through with it and so, sure enough, I set off on that Sunday to complete the ride…and I was so pleased that I did.

The weather was perfect, the route was really interesting and took in many parts of the Chilterns I haven’t been through for years. There were a number of prep school colleagues and familiar faces from Harrow’s ‘Home Team’ that it was great to see and fun to ride with, and, although the last five miles seemed to go on forever and the final climb up the ‘Hill’ nearly broke me, the sense of achievement when the finishing medal was placed around my neck was immensely satisfying. Probably not textbook preparation for the start of a new term and new job but such is the readiness of The Beacon and its people, this school could easily cope with a slightly less mobile than usual new Headmaster on the Monday and by close of business Tuesday we were all, including me, raring to go.

Great to meet so many of you at the various drop off and pick up points these past two weeks. Please do introduce and reintroduce yourself over the coming weeks as, just like your sons, it is a lot easier to learn new things by reinforcement and association – us teachers are no different!

Have a good weekend.

Nick Baker

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