Year 7 Bushcraft Trip

24 June 2022

Our Year 7 boys had a fabulous time on their Bushcraft camping adventure this week at Blenheim Woods, and what glorious weather they had!

The boys loved taking part in lots of different activities over the four day camping trip. They enjoyed perfecting their archery skills, cooking lamb stew on an open fire before roasting marshmallows for their dessert. They also learnt how to debone a fish to cook over a fire – two brave souls even ate the eye of a raw salmon!

Our boys also took part in tomahawks, mounting a rescue mission for survivors of a plane crash, making bivouac shelters and sleeping in them.

They all returned very tired indeed, but with lots of interesting stories to tell their family and friends.

A big thank you to all the Teachers who organised the trip!

Take a look at our gallery of images below.