Year 6 Newquay Trip

24 June 2022

Our Year 6 boys ventured off to the wonderful seaside town of Newquay for their Residential Trip this week. It’s safe to say our boys were very excited for this trip.

First on the agenda was a stop off at the Aqua Park! Each boy enjoyed some time exploring the different water activities, and pushing one another into the water was the game of the day. After this pitstop, they were enthusiastic to carry on with their journey down to Newquay.

On arrival at the seaside town, they raced down to the beach for games, sports, hole digging and some exploration. Their first day on the coast was extremely busy but fun-packed, finishing off nicely with some swimming at Hendra pool. As you can imagine, our boys slept very well their first evening away!

Day 2 consisted of travelling to Swanpool for a sunny day on the water, they enjoyed Coasteering, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Giant SUP. Our boys had a brilliant day and the instructors were full of praise for their behaviour and effort. On the journey home, over half of the coach were asleep, the boys were exhausted from another enjoyable day of energetic activities in the sun.

On day 3 our boys ventured off to Flambards Theme Park, where they were overjoyed to be able to spend the day experiencing the different attractions, including roller-coaster rides, playing in the arcades and beating each other at a spot of crazy golf. There was also a serious amount of ice cream consumed that day, with many of the boys stating that it was their favourite day so far.

Day 4 left the boys feeling very tired, giving the Teachers a chance to have a lie in! Some of the boys even had to be woken up by the team. Once awake, our boys set off to have a wonderful time bodyboarding and surfing. The instructors at Porthtowan were great and really helped the boys to muster that last bit of energy to have a great day. Needless to say, Dominos Pizza was a huge hit that evening, after which they headed down to Great Western Beach to relax and play some games as the sun set.

I am exceptionally proud of all of our Year 6 boys. They have represented you, me, themselves, The Beacon, superbly this week and thanks to their behaviour and attitude, it has allowed for an awesome Newquay 2022. I also want to publicly thank my team of teachers who, without their support, Newquay simply would not happen. It is easy to forget that the following list of staff have all left family behind as well and have had to make various sacrifices to attend the trip” Mr Miles

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