Racism, Equality and Sexism in Sport

25 March 2022

Darcy Bourne is a great British hockey player aged twenty and has had a very impressive life so far. She was educated at Wellington College and then at Duke in America. She was first inspired to play when she watched the Beijing Olympics in 2008 aged 6 and decided that whatever sport it was, she wanted to be in the Olympics representing Great Britain. From a young age, Darcy played many different sports including football at a high level. Here she noticed that the boy’s academy wasn’t having to pay to play and following this she stopped. No one should stop a sport because they see a large sexism split!

Recently, whilst in America, Darcy took part in the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s death. Within hockey Darcy can still see the sport she loves has its flaws including being mostly white. She grew up in a predominantly white area and is used to being in the minority but she thinks there should be a less dominant split. Darcy’s role models were Denise Lewis, the Williams sisters and Jessica Ennis – all amazing sports women!. Darcy is a great example of a woman who we should remember, as she stood up for her rights. She also visits schools and talks to pupils to get them involved in hockey.

There should be no difference in sports and everyone should be included. A mantra which could be applied to all aspects of life!

By Felix B and Kane O’C