Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

24 March 2022

This year it will be the Queen’s 70th Anniversary on the throne. The celebrations will take place from the 2nd-5th of June. Street parties will occur all over the UK and in other Commonwealth countries. It was on the 6th February that the Queen had officially spent 70 years on the throne, making her the longest person ever to be on the throne. The main celebrations will take place at Buckingham Palace (London).

Over the course of her reign, The Queen has established core relationships with other countries and built up the UK’s reputation in the modern world, by uniting many countries under the rule of the Commonwealth and therefore giving them further rights.

When the Queen was just 13 years old WWII broke out. Many children in London evacuated to the country side, which was also the case for Elizabeth and her sister Margret. From the drawing room at Windsor castle the young Queen gave a speech to improve the morale of the British nation. On her sixteenth birthday Elizabeth made her first inspection of a military regiment whilst in a parade at Windsor. Later she joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (the Woman’s branch of the military). By the end of the war she had been promoted to the role of captain.

The Queen is portrayed as the figurehead of the country this is definitely evident as seen on the one pound coin and other Commonwealth currency.

Hopefully the next Royal Family member to the throne will be just as patriotic and fulfilling as our beloved Queen.

By Harry S and James B

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