Harry Kane Speaks Up To Qatar

24 March 2022

Harry Kane speaks up to Qatar about the England football fans having to feel safe in Qatar if they are homosexual. On the 23rd of march Harry Kane did an interview about the homosexual fans for the Qatar World Cup. Harry says gay England fans ‘MUST feel safe’. Harry Kane the England football men’s captain wants all the England fans to be safe at Qatar mostly if they are gay because Qatar government are not supportive of homosexual fans. 

Kane says, ‘As players we don’t choose where this World Cup is going to be.’ he says this because he is worried for his fans and just wants everyone to have a good time watching the games in Qatar. Kane said that the World Cup is not a ‘quick fix’ for human rights and he doesn’t think that it will help any gay people going to the country. Harry Kane wants to ‘shine light on things’ as he thinks that the discrimination will happen for a lot longer than just the World Cup.

A quote from one of our teachers is, ‘it is absolutely appalling. It is shocking in this day and age. However, it is not just Qatar, it is other countries e.g. Saudi Arabia. Countries like these, put oil over human rights and abuse. In terms of the World Cup, if racism takes place, they should never host another tournament.’

Kane wants to ‘shine a light on things’ and wants to help his homosexual fans in any way possible. Qatar wants to host World Cup this year because it will help the economy and show off its state of the art infrastructure. It is also very small in size and this is good because it is more accessible to fans.

By Oscar H and William N

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