Viking Day!

4 March 2022

Good Health or ‘va sæll’ as the Vikings would say!

This term, our Year 4 boys have had a wonderful time studying the challenges and boundaries that the Vikings faced, they have learnt all about where they came from and why they settled in Britain. They put their knowledge to the test when Lord Ragnar, a Viking specialist, visited and began a day of Viking-related challenges.

To start the day off, our boys put on their best Viking outfits to get into the spirit of the experience. They were then welcomed into school by their Viking Teachers and began their day of learning lots of interesting facts.

Throughout the day, there were various fun and challenging Viking-themed activities planned. Our boys enjoyed making their own beeswax candles, writing their names in Runes (Viking writing) with charcoal ink, creating different clay crafts such as a clay ‘ugly’ face to scare off the goblins, which were highly feared by the Vikings. As well as sitting around a wood fire listening to their leader telling stories and giving some insightful facts, just as the Vikings did.

Our boys had a fantastic day and improved their knowledge extremely well throughout this experiential learning!

Monty said “my favourite thing was making the Viking necklace, because I could wear it”

Jaydon said “my favourite thing was making the candle because it looked fascinating and I’ve never made a candle before, so it was a fun experience”

Evan said “my favourite thing was making fortune tokens and sewing their bag because it was fun”