The Beacon ‘Peer Mentor Scheme’

21 January 2022

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Here at The Beacon, we pride ourselves in teaching our boys to become independent and confident young men. We do this by encouraging our Upper School boys to take on greater responsibility and have independence in making decisions. One of the great initiatives we launched to support this is our ‘Peer Mentor Scheme’.

Pre-pandemic, we began to implement a mentor programme with our boys, and it was a great success for both the Mentors and the Lower School boys. This term, we have reintroduced the scheme for boys in Year 7.  We had lots of interest in the role, which is great to see. After an interview process, Mr Tenison and Mr Privett carefully selected 10 boys to become Peer Mentors for this year.

A big congratulations to Ben S, Dylan R, Edward A, Jo M, Johnny P, Matthew F, Max D, Sebby C, Theo T and Zach S (pictured below). You all did excellently and we are really excited to see how you progress throughout the scheme.

What is a Peer Mentor?

A Peer Mentor is a boy who is currently in Year 7, who will act as a mentor for all the boys in Lower School. They will pull on their own life experiences from being in Years 3 & 4 and use this to help guide current Lower School boys through school life. We know school can sometimes be a daunting place, however, our Peer Mentor boys are here to help. They are a friendly face in the playground, someone to speak confidently to, and will act as a role model for the Beacon boys in younger years.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor when you are in Year 7, then please do not hesitate to speak to Mr Privett, or even better, speak to the Peer Mentors about how much they have benefited from it.

Quotes from our new Peer Mentors!

Matthew F “I applied to be a Peer Mentor as I enjoyed hosting a tour on the school open day and meeting the younger boys. I am excited to be a mentor so I can have more responsibilities in my last years’ at The Beacon.”

Johnny P “I became a Peer Mentor because I am very good at helping kids, and I like teaching. I am excited to spend time with the Lower School and to lead a tutor session.”

Dylan R “The reason I applied was because I feel that if people feel insecure or upset, I can help them feel better and sort their problem out. I am also excited to work with my peers to make sure everyone in the school is happy.”

Edward A “I chose to do Peer Mentoring because I enjoyed helping Mrs Gordon in Year 1, and supporting the Lower School is another exciting opportunity. I am excited about getting to know the younger boys and helping them.”

Jo M “I applied because I think it will be a good experience and I would like to know and be friends with more people in the school. I am excited about meeting the younger kids and sharing the experience with my friends/Peer Mentors.”

Keep an eye out for updates on their progress.

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