Year 5 World War II Day!

19 November 2021

Our Year 5 boys have gone back in time this week to learn about World War II.

All the boys and their teachers arrived at school dressed head to toe in World War II costumes, we had Winston Churchill, Wardens and even Soldiers, plus many more amazing costumes.

On arrival, in their classrooms, they were given their ration books to look after. They were then informed about the importance of these books during the war and how valuable they were. Once the ration books were completed, the boys were split into different army camps for the day and given tasks in order to win the war.

Their first task was an important one, they had to make air raid shelters! They used torn-up cardboard to pad out the top of the shelter, making sure this would stand up against the air raids. Their next task was to test out the parachutes for the Spitfire pilots, they were advised to hand over best quality parachutes to the soldiers to avoid them falling too quickly.

Following this, the boys sat down to sew rag toys from old material and buttons to replicate the kind of toys children would have had during the war. Lastly, they made their own gas mask boxes and labelled them up ready for the evacuation.

At lunch time, the boys headed to the Dining Hall to collect their rations for the day. Our chefs tailored the menu to the World War II theme by serving Meatloaf and Rock Cakes. The boys were only allowed to collect their lunch if they had a stamped ration card.

All the boys had a wonderful day and said their favourite part of the activities was having their ration card stamped at lunch time. They very much enjoyed getting into character for the day and getting a greater understanding of World War II.

A big thank you to our teachers for organising such a great day, it was a roaring success!

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