Up and Atom! Science This Week at The Beacon

17 September 2021

Science has really started term off with a bang, bringing science to life with various experiments happening throughout the week. Year 3 have been experimenting with teabags and bubbles, Year 4 have been exploring electrical circuits, Year 7 having been studying the behaviors of particles and The Cold Finger experiment, whilst Year 8 have been making and testing the three common gases. The Science department has been well and truly buzzing this week!

Keep reading to see them all in action and find out more about their experiments.

Year 3 Tea Bag Experiment

This week, Year 3 have been experimenting with different materials to figure out what makes the best tea bag. They were given various materials to test and monitor the results; one challenge was to ensure no tea leaves seeped through the tea bag.

They all predicted which they thought would work the best, were their predictions correct?

Take a look at them in action.

Year 3 Bubble Experiment

Also this week, Year 3 have been making their own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and testing them outside on The Quad.

Let’s have a look at the results!

Year 4 Circuits Experiment 

Year 4 have begun to learn about electricity and this week they have been challenged with making a working circuit. The boys all successfully made a bulb light up and many of them then explored how they could include a second bulb in their circuit. Following this, they learnt the Scientific symbols used to represent the components in an electrical circuit and drew an accurate circuit diagram.

Year 7 Popcorn Experiment 

This week, Year 7 are studying Particle Theory; using corn as an analogy for the behaviour of particles in the different states of matter.

They all really enjoyed the experiment, take a look!

Year 7 Cold Finger Experiment 

Year 7’s also had the pleasure of watching a demonstration of The Cold Finger experiment using iodine as an example of a solid that sublimes.

They were all very impressed with the results.

Year 8 Oxygen Experiment 

In Year 8, boys have been making and testing the three common gases carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen this week. Having decomposed hydrogen peroxide and collected the gas under water, this allows oxygen to relight and glow on a wooden splint.