Lower School Trips To Green Park

6 July 2021

As a fun way to finish the academic year, our Year 3 and 4 boys were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Green Park, where they participated in various activities and learnt lots of new skills. A few boys wrote a summary of their time at Green Park:

Our trip to Green Park was a fun and memorable experience.  All activities were excellent and included low ropes, night light, team building, rock climbing, archery and best of all, a leap of faith jump from a high platform wearing a harness.  Each activity was better than the one before it and both the days were packed with excitement and fun. Thank you to Mr Porter and the Year 4 teachers for planning such an amazing trip for Year 4.

Kishan P – Year 4

On Monday and Tuesday 3G and 3B went on a wonderful trip to Green Park. We were split into three groups to do activities. The activities on Monday were team building, archery and climbing. On Tuesday they were low ropes, leap of faith and nightline. My favourite activity of all was called ‘nightline’ because it was really interesting to see what it was like to be blind and just use hearing and touch. I’m glad I was not at the front because the leaders were probably bumping their heads or putting their hands out like a zombie to make sure there were no treacherous obstacles in our path.My second favourite activity was climbing, everybody was amazing at climbing, but it was very difficult to climb some parts of the climbing wall.

I loved the trip overall because it was interesting learning with other people doing lots of new activities.  It challenged me and it was very exciting and great fun. I hope we can go there again! 

Freddie W – Year 3