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Redheart Theatre Company Visit

28 May 2021

The Year 6 and 8 boys enjoyed a special visit from on actor from the Redheart Theatre Company in their English lessons this week. The performances were magnificent – Hamish in Year 8 gave an overview of the Year 8 visit:

Today in English, we were visited by an actor from the Redheart Theatre Company and his performance was simply outstanding! The actor single-handedly performed to us on the stage with great expression and a mind-blowing attention to detail, as well as having learnt every single word without any script within distance of him: something I aspire to do!
The performance gave every single one of us a proper insight into World War One, whilst incorporating everything learnt this year in our English lessons – I must say that the Year 8 boys might be some of the most knowledgeable people on World War One around! The performance was given with true emotion and character, rather than someone just blankly reading line after line, with made it an extremely gripping, compelling thing to watch. The way that the actor recited the poems was incomparable, making emotion swell up inside and giving the tantalising realisation about everything that the soldiers went through in World War I to secure the freedom of our country.
To conclude, this was a simply outstanding way to finish the year in English and putting an amazing stop to everything we have learnt about the true horrors of World War I in our English lessons. I have learnt so much this year, and putting everything we have learnt into a monologue performance was a perfect combination.
The motivation and emotion that came from the performance this morning is something that one can only desire.

Hamish, Year 8