student cheering

National Poetry Day

1 October 2020

As part of National Poetry Day this year, the boys have taken part in a project called #haiflu. They have been writing Haikus, which are short poems of five, seven and three syllable lines on the topic of Covid and Lockdown. Here are some fantastic contributions from the boys:


Watch football at home

Nothing in the stadium

Aguero scores goals


Logging on to Teams

Every single morning time

Again and again


You may be lonely

There is hope for everyone 

You are not alone



Caused a big epidemic

Baking bananas


Shells, bullets and blood

Replaced by masks , sponges, soap

A war with no foe


Going on a run

Exercising in the gym

I can run a mile


Catching up on Zoom

Going for a walk outside

Missing ‘normal’ life


Start learning to bake

Finally making sourdough

Oops! Ran out of flour


Very short commute

Walking the dog for fresh air

Calming sun filled woods


Morning cake baking

Hour long walks with bright blue skies

Home for skype and scones

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