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Cooking The Fruits of Their Harvest

27 August 2020

Beacon Boys have been hard at work over the Summer cooking wonderful dishes using fruits and vegetables they have grown at home.

Many boys throughout the school have been busy growing their own, fruit, vegetables and salads throughout lockdown and the summer holidays. It has been really lovely to receive photos of the boys cooking Mrs Rowland’s lockdown recipes as well as developing some of their own.

Growing a kitchen garden, like the wonderful garden we have at The Beacon, is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and to build an appreciation for the food we eat. Freshly picked ingredients couldn’t be more nutritious and the satisfaction in growing your own makes them all the more delicious.


One of our Beacon boys has been making lovely jam this summer using home grown strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, foraged from his local field. He has used half the sugar of most manufactured brand recipes which is a great way to reduce your sugar intake. If you reduce the sugar significantly the jam will need to stay in the fridge, but there is nothing more satisfying than having your own home cooked jam on a warm scone. See the carousel below for this chef’s jam recipe, as well as his pie recipe made from home-grown apples and roasted butternut squash cous cous!

Another of our boys has been busy cooking at home with garden vegetables he has grown over the summer months. His delicious and nutritious risotto went down a storm at home and we have to admit it looks fantastic! He was also kind enough to type his recipe to share with you all.

Last term, boys in Year 4, 5 and 6 helped plant San Marzano Tomatoes which Mrs Rowland cared for over the Summer. She would love to share this video with you of some of the tomatoes being harvested, and a recipe for her healthy and tasty tomato, basil and burrata salad which she made using the San Marzano tomatoes.

Below you will find many more images of our budding gardeners and chefs growing and cooking from home. It is a pleasure to see such enjoyment and appreciation of food and we applaud all the efforts we have seen. Please keep sending your photos to Mrs Rowland who is putting together a Beacon Cookbook to celebrate the journey you have all been on in Cooking and Nutrition lessons.

Do read this fascinating article discussing the holistic benefits of School gardens.

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