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Poet Inspires Year 5 Colourful Poetry

3 August 2020

Poet Joshua Seigal’s virtual workshop inspires Year 5 to write beautiful poems about colour, using metaphors and personification.

In the Summer term, Joshua Seigal delivered a week of fantastic virtual poetry workshops for various year groups as part of #BeaconExcellence:Online. He shared his own poetry with the boys, before asking them to explore various figurative comparisons such as similes, metaphors and personification.

During Joshua’s workshop with Year 5, the boys explored the idea of colour and were then asked to create their own poems. Some wrote about their favourite colours, whilst others reflected on what colour represents them as a person. Do see the carousel below for just a few examples of the thoughtful and unique poems the Year 5 teachers received…

At The Beacon we look to encourage and inspire the boys to find their own ways to express themselves through the written or spoken word. Having just this year been visited by Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell, author Chris Ryan, poet A F Harrold, author Lucy Hawking and poet Karl Nova, we will continue to expose our boys to wonderfully talented writers and their work.