We’re on Wycombe Sound Radio!

26 June 2020

We were extremely excited this week when our very own Headmaster, Will Phelps, and Cooking & Nutrition teacher, Kim Rowland, were invited to be interviewed by Councillor Mimi Harker OBE on her Afternoons with Mimi show for Wycombe Sound Radio.

Mimi was delighted to read about our Great Beacon Bake Off and how the cakes baked by our boys were judged by the incredible team of paramedics at Wexham Park Ambulance Station before being distributed to frontline staff at local NHS hospitals and care homes. Mimi spoke to Mrs Rowland at length about what inspired the boys and how our Beacon bakers were passionate about doing what they could to thank those who continue to help us all. It was lovely to hear Mrs Rowland talking about all the amazing cooking and baking our boys had taken part in through #BeaconExcellence: Online and how our Kitchen Garden produce is being used as ingredients for home-cooked meals prepared by Mrs Rowland and her community for frontline staff.

After a short musical break, Mimi and Mr Phelps then took part in a insightful discussion about education through lockdown, with Mr Phelps talking about how proud he has been of our Beacon Community for what we have managed to achieve – both in terms of education and for the local community – through these challenging times. Mr Phelps spoke in depth about the importance of schools in terms of helping affect change in the community before discussing where he sees the future of education.

A big thank you to Councillor Mimi Harker OBE for inviting The Beacon on to her show. To listen to the full interview, please click here and press play on Thursday 25 June.

Head’s Talk & Tours

Throughout July and August, our Headmaster, Will Phelps, is inviting future Beacon families to safely meet with him on our School site for a socially-distanced tour of our incredible school and an informal talk about your son and his education. Please click here for more details.

“The largest single sex Prep School in the UK, The Beacon still has an impressively inclusive, family feel to it, with a focus on pastoral care and turning out well-rounded boys.”

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