student cheering

Reception Meet More Mr Men

13 May 2020

Our boys in reception have met more Mr Men over the past couple of weeks: Mr Small, Mr Noisy and Mr Quiet. Little Miss Splendid even made an appearance! The boys read about Mr Small and wrote about what sort of jobs they think Mr Small would be good at (e.g. cleaning behind radiators or clearing drains). They then had fun making models of Mr Small with what they could find around the house. It was wonderful to see the boys using a variety of materials such as playdoh, homemade salt dough, toilet tubes and plasticine. They also explored the idea of size and weight, practising ordering objects from smallest to biggest and using scales to weigh materials.

Reception’s learning journey then led them to Mr Noisy and Mr Quiet, and the boys did some fantastic writing about their favourite part of the stories. They made collages of Mr Noisy using a variety of different red materials and drew pictures of Mr Quiet with some adjectives to describe him. They came up with some lovely synonyms for ‘noisy’ and also learnt about the use of speech bubbles. To show how wonderfully creative they all are, the boys then made their own musical instruments to demonstrate how to play in a noisy way (fortissimo) and quietly (pianissimo).

Finally, in their Music lessons this week, Reception boys became Little Miss Splendid! The boys dressed up in their fancy hats and scarves, like Little Miss Splendid, and played some splendid music. They really did manage to show off their long semibreve sounds and their short semiquaver sounds.

We have seen such lovely work from all our boys in Reception and we are very proud!