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Cracking Cooks at The Beacon!

6 March 2020

It has been a busy week in Cookery & Nutrition! Year 4 took part in a treasure hunt to familiarise themselves with the kitchen, before making hot chocolate and toast and learning to keep themselves safe whilst doing so. Year 5 practised their knife skills as they keep developing more technical skills. Once they had chopped their vegetables, they then used The Eatwell Guide to make a well-balanced wrap. In addition, Year 6 created their very own recipes to make seasonal soup from a selection of ingredients; the soups smelled wonderful!

Excitingly the kitchen garden is open again. We have some winter spinach, Swiss chard, onions, leeks and parsley that we used to help make our soups this week. Gardening club are busy planning our garden for this year and we have a propagator arriving next week which will help us grow stronger seedlings to plant when the weather improves.