A Virtual Leap Forward for Education

18 October 2019

Head Teachers and IT leaders from schools across Buckinghamshire and neighbouring counties, as well as Beacon boys, staff and parents, came together this week for our special Virtual Learning in Education event.

Guests had the opportunity to explore the Pyramids of Giza, walk across the surface of the moon and even examine the sea floor whilst swimming alongside sharks thanks to immersive and interactive demonstrations provided by exhibitors NVOY Technologies, Lenovo, ClassVR and RingCentral.

Our Headmaster, William Phelps, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for school educators to get together and see how Virtual Reality can transform our pupils’ learning. Virtual Reality allows our children to engage in experiences not possible or practical in the ‘real world’. We are very excited about the potential opportunities for our boys when we introduce VR learning into our curriculum next year.”

“I’d never tried a VR Headset before,” said enthusiastic Year 4 pupil Michael. “It was so exciting! I felt I was in the middle of all the action – it would be amazing to use this in our lessons.”

Pastoral Care is at the Heart of Everything We do at The Beacon

Our wonderful School Counsellor, Caroline Yolland, has shared her advice on how to prepare your children emotionally for a return to school sites in The Telegraph today. We are delighted to share this incredible support with other families. https://bit.ly/2ZCsTJb

To find out more about The Beacon, please view our Virtual Open Morning. There is a welcome address from our Headmaster, Will Phelps, followed by a virtual tour from our Year 8 boys, talks from our teachers and a Q&A session.

You are warmly invited to join our next live Pre-Prep Virtual Open Morning on Saturday 27 June at 10:00 to find out more about Beacon life in Reception to Year 2.

Please click here  to register and for more information on our Virtual Open Morning.