The Beacon is recognised for wellbeing focus

30 September 2019

Our Headmaster, William Phelps, whose key school rules are: ‘’Be Kind. Be Kind. Be Kind,’’ spoke in detail about our newly-launched Wellbeing Journals, which have replaced our traditional homework diaries.

The Wellbeing Journal is a diary-style planner in which a structured wellbeing programme is gradually introduced throughout the year and space is provided for weekly activities and reflection based on the school’s core values of Respect, Wellbeing, Achievement, Courage and Integrity.

Each week boys in their tutor groups discuss and take part in activities that reinforce the week’s theme. The recent theme of gratitude prompted the boys to write in their journal three things each day for which they were grateful. Examples ranged from being grateful for having central heating (following a boiler breakdown) to being grateful for the chance to see a beloved grandparent one last time before they passed away.

Other activities in the journal include practising mindfulness and recording the results of the experience, tracking how much time spent in physical activity for a week and comparing it with how much time spent in front of a screen, what it means to adopt a growth mindset and what the benefits are of both positive and negative emotions.

The journal is bookended at the beginning and end with a short wellbeing survey, so the boys can compare their scores at the start and end of the year to see if anything has changed as a result of the wellbeing activities.

“I firmly believe kindness can be taught and that schools need to embody a mindful intention to help children with the up and downs of normal life,” says William Phelps.

Talk & Tours

Throughout July and August, our Headmaster, Will Phelps, and our Registrar, Jane Baines, are inviting future Beacon families to safely meet with him on our School site for a socially-distanced tour of our incredible school and an informal talk about your son and his education. Please click here for more details.

“The largest single sex Prep School in the UK, The Beacon still has an impressively inclusive, family feel to it, with a focus on pastoral care and turning out well-rounded boys.”

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