Walk to School Success

23 September 2019

A huge thanks to all our volunteers who helped record the boys who took part. All those who either shared a lift, came on the bus or walked to school at least four out of five days this week will enjoy an ice cream after lunch next week. It would be great if we could keep trying to lift share or walk to school as much as possible this year.



Pastoral Care is at the Heart of Everything We do at The Beacon

Our wonderful School Counsellor, Caroline Yolland, has shared her advice on how to prepare your children emotionally for a return to school sites in The Telegraph today. We are delighted to share this incredible support with other families. https://bit.ly/2ZCsTJb

To find out more about The Beacon, please view our Virtual Open Morning. There is a welcome address from our Headmaster, Will Phelps, followed by a virtual tour from our Year 8 boys, talks from our teachers and a Q&A session.

You are warmly invited to join our next live Pre-Prep Virtual Open Morning on Saturday 27 June at 10:00 to find out more about Beacon life in Reception to Year 2.

Please click here  to register and for more information on our Virtual Open Morning.