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Parents FAQ

On this page we have provided information on some of the questions that we are frequently asked by parents.  This includes information about our website, Parent Message Centre, Document Library and other online systems.

How do I filter the calendar to display certain types of events?

On the website, you can filter the calendar by selecting a category from the Filter events by: drop-down boxes.  You can search on up to two categories of event, so for example you could select Sport in the first box and Hockey in the second to view all hockey fixtures. You can also use the date range boxes to view events within a selected range of dates.


Where can I find Parents' Society information?

Parents' Society information, including application forms for events, can be found on the Message Centre, in the Parents Society folder and on MSP (homework portal).

Where do I find term dates?

Term dates can be found under the Information menu on the website.  You can also view them from the main website Calendar by clicking on the Show Term Dates button.

What is the difference between the Parent Message Centre and the Document Library?

The Parent Message Centre and the Document Library are secure online systems for use by current parents. 

The Parent Message Centre gives you:

  • Information on sports fixtures and results.
  • Access to copies of letters, texts and teamsheets which have been sent to you.
  • The ability to update your contact details.
  • Copies of documents and newsletters, including lunch menus and Parents' Society information.

The Document Library contains curriculum and academic information, for example vocabulary lists and curriculum overview information.  Pupils also have access to the Document Library.

We have recently introduced another portal system, MSP, which is currently being used to publish details of homework to parents and boys.  Over time, additional functionality will be provided via this portal.

You will need a login ID and password to access these systems.  

See the Parents/Diary menu and then Parent Message Centre/Document Library and Portal Log-in for more information.

How do I find things in the Document Library?

The Document Library is a collection of folders, organised by subject matter.  There is a folder for each subject and also some general folders, for example for PSB information.



Accessing the website calendar on a SmartPhone

Information on how to set up a shortcut to the website calendar on an iPhone or Android phone can be found on the Message Centre, under General Info.

Where are directions and maps to other schools?

These can be found on the website, under Sport & Activities, Games, Directions to Other Schools.

Teamsheets also contain a postcode link for directions. 


Where can I find the Parent Handbook?

This is located on the Message Centre, in the Handbooks folder and on MSP (homework portal).

Where can I find the lunch menu for the week?

The current week's menu can be found on the Message Centre, in the Lunch Menus folder and on the website - Information, Catering


What do I do if I forget my Document Library login details?

Send an email to marketing@beaconschool.co.uk , stating your name and child's name.  You will be emailed a new invitation for the Document Library.  

What do I do if I forget my Message Centre login details?

Go to the Message Centre and click on Sign In.  Then click on the link 'Forgotten your password?'.  You will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number so that login details can be sent to you.


How do I find information on school uniform?

See the website, Information, Uniform.  The uniform list is also available on the Message Centre in the Uniform folder and on MSP (homework portal).

Where do I find copies of emails, texts and teamsheets sent from the school?

Copies of communications sent by the school can be found on the Message Centre.  Once logged in, click on the 'My Messages' option under Message Zone.

How are Sports teams selected?

The Beacon offers a ‘sport for all’ policy and we aim to give all pupils the same opportunity to play inter-school fixtures.  However, there are more fixtures for A and B teams than C and D teams (mainly because there are fewer schools able or willing to play C and D team matches).  There is more opportunity to play in competitive fixtures as boys move up the school due to other schools putting out more teams. 

Team squads are selected about two weeks after the start of term but there is always an opportunity for boys to move up (or down) a level as the term progresses.

Team fixtures for the current term are published on the calendar and teamsheets are sent out via email and also appear on the Message Centre.  Directions to the schools involved for away matches can be found on the website under Sport & Activities, Games, Directions to Other Schools.  Teamsheets also include a postcode link.

The full Games policy is available from the School Office on request.


What are the car parking arrangements for parents at The Beacon?

Car parking spaces are at a premium, so normally there is no parent parking on site apart from when dropping off or collecting children.  Please bear in mind the following points:


  • Parents of boys in Pre-Prep should park in the North Car Park when dropping off and collecting their sons. 
  • Wherever possible, we request that parents of boys in Year 3 and above use the 'drop-off and go' area at the front of the school.  Boys in Year 5 and above should also be picked up here whenever possible.
  • There is no parking for parents in the spaces in front of the school.  Please use the main, North Car Park instead.
  • Please park in marked bays.  
  • Cars must not be left in the drop-off/pick-up zone.  
  • If you need to park on surrounding roads, please take care to park considerately and not to block, or park opposite, driveways.  Please only park on one side of the road to ensure emergency vehicles have access.


What are the rules regarding mobile phones and other electronic devices in school?

Mobile phones and other electronic devices should not normally be brought into school.  If it is necessary to bring them, then they should be left in the School Office during the school day.

Phones and electronic devices are also not normally allowed on school trips.  Occasionally the teacher running the trip may decide to make an exception to this rule, in which case you will be notified in the trip information. 

How is the timetabling of music lessons decided?

With nearly three hundred music lessons taking place each week, a rotation system is the fairest way we can operate for each boy timetabled. Boys rotate in 35 minute slots throughout the day that their music teacher is in school. If a boy learns two instruments then the Music Department does its very best to fix the second lesson in a break or a lunchtime so that a boy is only rotating once during the week. We would love to be able to offer boys lessons exactly when they want them and you will appreciate that we get lots of different requests, not just about Maths, English and Learning Support, but also about missing Games or favourite lessons.  We do understand parents' concerns but if missing academic lessons is a particular concern for you then you may wish to consider scheduling instrumental lessons outside of school.