Looking at his starting point and the grades he has achieved is a true reflection of teaching brilliance, dedication and encouragement.

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The Prep School Baccalaureate

The Beacon has been at the forefront of the development of a national scheme called the Prep School Baccalaureate, which builds on The Beacon's previous BCA programme.  The PSB is a national, two year programme of study for pupils in Year 7 and Year 8, and was introduced in Year 7 at The Beacon in September 2013. The Core Learning Skills, which form the framework for the PSB, are made familiar to boys throughout the school due to subject planning, delivery and classroom displays incorporating them.

The PSB provides a powerful vehicle for prep schools intent on rigorous, high academic standards coupled with a broad and balanced curriculum. It seeks to promote vital skills in independent learning, in the appropriate use of technology and in critical thinking. The programme also encourages the development of leadership and team-working in pupils.

An overview of the PSB 

An example of a  PSB Science profile

An example of a PSB summary certificate 

The Middle School Diploma is a forerunner to the PSB and uses similar standards

For senior schools the PSB provides an excellent means of assessment for pupils. The nature of PSB means that senior schools are able to make conditional offers (subject to final results) before the end of June of Year 8. PSB follows a rigorous academic spine based upon the Key Stage 3 curriculum up to Level 7+, plus necessary skills. PSB schools have the freedom to pick the best elements of both Common Entrance and National Curriculum programmes of study and models of assessment.

Using this programme of study, boys at The Beacon are therefore extremely well prepared for entry to any Senior Independent School whether it uses PSB, Common Entrance or entrance papers set by their chosen schools.

More information can be found on the PSB website.