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Beacon Bursary Fund


Mrs D.E.D. Robinson
Mrs R.A. Morris
Mr A.C. Tomlinson

Clerk to the Trustees

Mrs A Curran

The Beacon Bursary Fund is a charity independent of The Beacon but connected with it. It has four trustees and files annually audited accounts.

Its purpose is to provide financial assistance for the education of pupils of The Beacon whose parents or guardians run into financial difficulties, and may otherwise have to withdraw their son from school at a time that might be detrimental to their educational progress.

Parental donations

The fund derives its income from voluntary parental donations, gift aid and investment income. A sum is added to the termly account, under the heading "Bursary Contribution". Feepayers happy to support the Fund will pay the bill as presented. Others may wish to contribute a greater or lesser amount, or nothing at all, in which case they can adjust their payment accordingly.

Gift Aid

If the feepayer is a UK taxpayer the value of the contribution can be increased, at no extra cost to them, as the Fund can reclaim an amount equal to the basic rate of income tax. 

To enable this reclaim to be made we ask that eligible parents contributing to the Fund complete a one-off Gift Aid declaration and return it to the Bursar (who is also Clerk to the Trustees of the Fund). This declaration will be held on file and will enable the Fund to continue to reclaim tax on donations made by that parent for as long as they continue to pay UK tax. Please click here for a copy of the  Gift Aid Form (PDF, 25 KB)

Applications for assistance from the Fund

The Fund exists to offer financial assistance to families who find themselves in financial difficulties for any reason and who would otherwise have to remove their son(s) from The Beacon. Assistance is usually offered only until the time that a pupil can be moved out of the independent sector with minimal disruption to his studies and rarely extends beyond a year. The Fund does have the power to offer assistance to parents of former pupils of The Beacon if they are unable to meet the fees of their secondary school but, as a practical matter, the secondary school itself usually provides appropriate help.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • Enquiries regarding possible assistance from the fund should be made in the first instance to the Clerk to the Trustees (Alison Curran) on bursar@beaconschool.co.uk or 01494 736159.
  • You will be sent an application form to complete,which requires details of your financial position. Alternatively you can download the application form via the links below. Please be assured that this information will be kept confidential at all times; it will only be seen by the three Trustees and their Clerk.

       Application Form (Word, 269 KB)
       Application Form (PDF, 103 KB)

  • Copies of this form will be circulated to the Trustees and if they feel it to be appropriate, a meeting will be set up between you and (usually) two of the Trustees to discuss your position.
  • You will be notified, usually within a week of the meeting, of the Trustees’ decision regarding the level and term, if any, of the assistance offered.

The funding offer

The offer is sometimes made in the form of “100% fees and reasonable extras” for a specified number of terms. “Reasonable extras” usually means that:

  • the Fund will pay for all charges that are driven by the curriculum or which form a necessary part of being at the School. This includes official outings, as well as such items as dictionaries and calculators.
  • the Fund will not meet the cost of “opt-out items” such as the School Fees Refund Scheme because parents would benefit from any claim on that insurance scheme. Likewise, the Fund cannot pay parents’ contribution to the Bursary Fund itself.
  • The funding will not cover charges for non-curriculum related items such as the “late stay programme”, music lessons, books or instrument hire, the replacement of damaged or lost items, school photographs or optional school trips (eg skiing).

Based upon these principles, shortly after you have received the normal fee bill the Bursar will notify you of the amount that the Fund will pay and the amount that remains for you to pay. It is a condition of the funding that all amounts owing by the parents are paid by the due date.