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All About Your Fees Invoice

The Bursary staff comprise:

Mrs Alison Curran  Bursar
Mrs Sharon Morgan - Finance Manager
Mrs Emma Fitzgerald - Accounts Assistant 
Mrs C Venning - Finance Administrator

We live in Beech Barn, the building on the right hand side of the main entrance gates from the front car park.   We have two entrances - one on the end of the building, on the right just before you go through the gates, and the other round the corner from that on the quad. Please feel free to drop in any time if you have a query or comment on a non-academic issue, for example fees or the school premises.

Our direct line is 01494 736176 and email address is bursar@beaconschool.co.uk.

Your fees invoice

We produce the fees invoices at the end of each term, and they are generally sent out in the last week of the term by email, unless special circumstances necessitate the need for a paper copy.

The invoice is separated into two parts –

  1. The fees in advance for the following term along with some optional termly payments in advance (School Fees Refund Scheme and Bursary Fund contribution – see below); and
  2. Any extras incurred during the term just ending charged in arrears (you should be asked for your consent for these charges in advance, with the exception of some minor stationery items which your son may purchase. If you have any queries relating to these charges, please don’t hesitate to ask).

Early Education Funding (Nursery Grant)

Unfortunately we have been forced to withdraw from the EEF scheme due to government changes that took effect from September 2010.

School Fees Refund Scheme

This is run through Marsh Insurance on an opt-in basis – if you wish to participate in the scheme, please contact The Bursary.  If you are new to the school you will receive an electronic form which you can use to notify the Bursary as to whether you wish to participate in the scheme.  

The Scheme enables you to claim a refund of fees for a period of absence from school of your son of five or more consecutive days due to illness, accident or quarantine. Claims are made by requesting a form from the school office.

The charge is made at a rate of 1.5% on the school fees per term.

Click here for further details.

Bursary Fund contribution

This is again made on a voluntary basis. The Beacon Bursary Fund is a charity set up and run independently of the school, by three external trustees, with annually audited accounts.

Its purpose is to provide funding for the education of pupils of The Beacon whose parents run into financial difficulties, and may otherwise have to withdraw their son from school at a time that might be detrimental to their educational progress. The fund derives its income from parental donations, gift aid and investment income. The contribution rate (which in 2018/19 will be £26 a term) is reviewed annually by the trustees of the fund.

The contribution will automatically appear on your fee bill. If you do not wish to contribute to this fund, please exclude it from your payment and we will credit your account. It should not then appear on your future bills.

Pupils’ personal accident insurance scheme

All pupils are automatically part of this scheme – there is no extra charge. It provides payment for permanent disabilities or death resulting from an accident, and covers all activities, both in and outside school. For example, the total loss of a natural tooth can result in a payment of up to £500.

Please click here for further details.

Advance Payment of Fees scheme

Parents wishing to pay fees for several years in advance may do so via our Advance Payment of Fees Scheme.

Under this scheme, developed in conjunction with Veale Wasbrough, specialist education lawyers, school fees may be paid for several years in advance in return for a discount. Should you wish to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send you the scheme information/application pack. 

The School Fees Trust Scheme (SFTS)

This is an insurance scheme whereby a contribution towards your son’s school fees will be paid (up to and including university) in the event of a parent becoming critically ill or dying. Please click here for more information.