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Physical Education at The Beacon

Our aim at The Beacon is to provide boys from Reception to Year 8 with a broad, balanced and enriching Physical Education (PE) curriculum. The curriculum focuses on a number of diverse and varied sports and activities that are designed to encourage physical development and progress. Whilst physical fitness, skill acquisition and practical performance are important components of the curriculum, we aim to educate the boys and encourage social and mental well-being through sport.

PE lessons are planned and tailored to allow for complete inclusion. Pupils are expected to participate and work hard during these sessions. With this expectation in mind, lessons are differentiated by task or outcome, providing a firm platform for boys to develop and improve. Ensuring that boys reach their potential is of paramount importance.

Specialist PE staff are allocated to the boys for all of the lessons within the school. The distribution of these PE staff is based on each individual staff member’s expertise. However, we attempt to provide the boys with the opportunity to be taught by all of these teachers during their time at the school.


The content of the PE curriculum widely endorses the core aims and values around which the PSB is built. Widely acknowledged as a purely practical based subject, we strongly believe that we have implemented a programme that educates and then grades students on the wider skill sets that PE has to offer.

Whilst the make up of the PE PSB will still acknowledge physical ability and sporting prowess, it offers the less able sportsman the chance to build a strong profile that they can be proud of taking to their next school.

With the aims of the PSB in mind, a balance between practical ability and the following aspects has been created:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Understanding of rules, tactics and strategy
  • The theory behind the sport
  • Wider life and community considerations
  • Analytical skills and the ability to give concise, constructive feedback

Mike Williams
Head of PE