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Design & Technology

In Design and Technology elegant ideas lead to products of flair and creativity. A good balance is being kept between traditional handwork skills and the use of computers to design and manufacture. The latest CAM technology includes a laser cutter, a CNC router, a vinyl cutter and a 3D printer.

Boys are taught Cooking and Nutrition from age 4 - 13 in a well equipped Food Technology room and gain an understanding of different cooking techniques and food safety. From fruit salad to Chinese stir fry, cooking is practically based and great fun. Clubs have included using our garden plots to grow food and a Master Cook competition.

From the age of 4 - 6, DT is combined with Art and there is a Cooking and Nutrition component to the curriculum. DT is then taught as a separate subject and boys use the spacious and well equipped DT lab from the age of 8.

Ivan van Rooyen
Head of Design & Technology