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In Classics lessons our students discover the contributions made to their cultural and linguistic heritage by both the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Connections are forged between ancient and modern languages in Latin class, while the study of history and civilisation is designed to shed light on the foundations of our modern society.    

Beginning in Year 6 the boys learn about the history and culture of the Greeks and Romans as well as commencing their study of the Latin language. The basics of Latin grammar and syntax are introduced in preparation for the more intensive work that follows in Years 7 and 8. 

The Latin component of our Classics PSB closely shadows the Common Entrance syllabus, thereby preparing boys for school entrance and scholarship examinations in Year 8.  

Classical Civilisation continues in Years 7 and 8 with Greek and Roman mythology, the Roman army and the history of Roman Britain. 

Latin is taught using our own in-house “Workbooks” specifically created to cover the Common Entrance syllabus in as an engaging and interactive manner as possible.

Boys are encouraged to use ICT resources such as OneNote and the iPad app Pipiatum to enhance their learning experience.

In Year 8 boys also have an informal opportunity to learn Ancient Greek should they wish to do so. 

Mark Walker
Head of Classics