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The Games Department ethos is slightly different to that of the Physical Education Department in that it is both selective and competitive. The coaching is focused towards producing teams that can perform in inter-school fixtures, by helping the boys to learn individual and unit skills and teaching them to apply tactics appropriate to their age and ability. During the games sessions, all boys are coached in the major team games of that particular term. The boys are exposed to the personal responsibility involved in playing for a team, as well as developing the commitment to personal and team goals. The desirable outcomes of playing sport include developing self-esteem and confidence in all the pupils, regardless of ability.

Competition is a vital component in the development of the boys as they are exposed to emotions involved in winning and losing. There are high expectations of sportsmanship and manners from all levels and ages of teams. We try very hard to ensure that the fixtures are competitive, by keeping in close contact with opposition schools and discussing the relative strengths of our teams. Although the results are important, far more emphasis is placed on level of performance as an individual and as a team.

We also have a high expectation that the boys will be gracious in victory and honourable in defeat, and at all times be good guests or hosts. Courtesy, good manners and a high level of sportsmanship are demanded from the boys at all times.

David Robinson
Director of Sport