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Catering at The Beacon is provided by Wilson Vale Catering.

Wilson Vale is a privately owned niche catering company that has developed a reputation for delivering excellent standards. The business was formed in 2002 and works in partnership with clients in both corporate business and private education, delivering a lasting contribution to clients' welfare strategy and enhancing motivation and nutrition through a tremendously powerful medium - wonderful food!

At The Beacon food is an important element of daily life. The school is committed to providing pupils with nutritious, exciting, well-balanced food, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Wilson Vale Catering share their commitment and have clear philosophies around the food they serve!

Key facts regarding Wilson Vale’s food purchasing and cooking methods:

  • Menus are developed on a weekly basis and take full advantage of seasonal produce.
  • Meats served on the salad bar are freshly roasted by the team.
  • As much food as possible is made on site with emphasis on fresh ingredients.
  • A range of homemade puddings, cakes, biscuits, yoghurt pots, and fruit salads is made fresh every day.
  • We only use locally sourced free-range eggs.
  • We encourage children to be adventurous by introducing themed menus where they are exposed to new flavours and tastes.
  • We operate a no nut policy and cater for a variety of special diets.
  • All of the food produced is free from artificial additives, preservatives, E numbers and hydrogenated fats.

The Chef Manager looks after a team of 10 staff to feed over 600 pupils and staff a day for lunch. Lunch consist of two main courses, a full salad bar, hot dessert, fruit and yoghurt pots. Throughout the year there are themed days such as Caribbean, Mexican and Italian, some of which tie in with the school curriculum. The catering team also provides match teas, hospitality buffets and occasionally fine dining events.

Wilson Vale website - www.wilsonvale.co.uk