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School Travel Plan

The School Travel Plan is concerned with the measures and initiatives an individual school will adopt to reduce car journeys, increase other methods of getting to school and improve safety for the journey to school. These can include walking, cycling and public transport initiatives as well as engineering and education programmes.

We recently updated our Travel Plan in 2017, and you can find a summary information booklet here.

The DfT and DfES have set a target that every school should have a School Travel Plan.

We first submitted our School Travel Plan to Bucks County Council in 2010 for formal review and were awarded Level 3, the top level.  This is awarded to a school that has an active school travel plan, including the following elements:

  • Identified the STP Co-ordinator and Working Group
  • Detailed research - including usual and preferred mode of travel
  • Signed Terms of Reference
  • SMART targets
  • Action Plan
  • Plans for monitoring
  • Be adopted by the school's governing body and included within the School Development Plan, or equivalent.
  • Commit to providing an annual progress report of the STP to the Travel Planning team
  • Commit to returning the BCC Travel Planning Annual Hands-Up survey

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