The well-equipped libraries are a valuable resource.

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The Beacon has two libraries, one catering for Pre-Prep and the other for Lower, Middle and Upper School.  The librarian, who is full time, manages both libraries and is happy to advise and recommend suitable books to the boys and welcomes enquiries and recommendations from both pupils and parents.

The main aim of the two libraries at The Beacon is to promote and develop a love of reading and in older boys also to develop their information literacy skills.  To this end the Lower, Middle and Upper School library houses, maintains and manages the bookings for two sets of iPads and a set of Surfaces, in addition to the book stock.

There are fiction and non-fiction books to suit all tastes and abilities as well as magazines and newspapers.  This variety of material on offer encourages the boys with their recreational reading and also supports the curriculum, reflecting the topics being covered in each year group.

In Pre-Prep, weekly library lessons give the boys a chance to choose books to take home each week and also to enjoy storytelling sessions.

In the Lower, Middle and Upper School, there are library lessons during which boys choose books to read for pleasure, talk about what they are reading with their peers and have quiet reading time. Boys in Middle and Upper School take part in the Accelerated Reader scheme which allows them more independence in their reading but still enables them to be guided and monitored. Boys also have an opportunity to visit the library during break and lunchtime to change books, study, play board games or just read quietly.

There are regular author visits to the school and the Boys are also encouraged to participate in events such as World Book Day.  

As well as encouraging the boys to read there is a Beacon Book Group for parents which meets three or four times each term in the Library and so far has covered a very eclectic range of books!

Katie Turrell