Success in gaining entry and scholarships to first choice senior school attests to high achievement.

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Destination Schools

 There are two main exit points at The Beacon. The most obvious is at the end of Year 8 when, aged 13, our boys leave us to go to the local independent day schools such as BerkhamstedMerchant Taylors’, or to one of the many boarding school options including EtonHarrowRugbyWellington CollegeShiplakeBradfieldRadley, Oundle, St Edward's and Marlborough College amongst others.

 Destination schools for leavers at 13+ 2014-2018 

In the past few years boys from The Beacon have received academic, music, drama, art and sports scholarships to Merchant Taylors', Berkhamsted, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Wellington College, Millfield, Haileybury, St Edward's, Radley, Oundle, Shiplake, Marlborough and Bradfield, amongst others. This is a familiar pattern year on year.

Boys also leave us at the end of Year 6 to take up places at the local grammar schools, mainly Dr Challoner’s, Amersham; The Royal Grammar, High Wycombe and Chesham Grammar. In fact, in recent years The Beacon has been the one of the largest feeder school into Dr Challoner’s.

We are always proud of all our boys and look forward to hearing their tales of senior school when they return to The Beacon to reminisce!

 Destination Senior Schools for Last Three Academic Years

School 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18
Berkhamsted School 11 10 19
Merchant Taylors' 3 2 3
Claires Court 1    
Eton   2 4
Harrow    3 4
Rugby 2 3 1
Shiplake College 1 1 2
Bradfield College 6 8 1
St Edward's, Oxford 1 3  
Radley College   1  
Wellington College 1 1 3
Winchester     2
Oundle 1 3 1
Marlborough College   2 1
Haileybury 1 2 2
Haberdashers' Aske's     1
Charterhouse     1
Millfield 2    
Uppingham School 1   1
Aldenham 1    
Abingdon School     1
Bloxham School   1 1
St Clement Danes 1 1 2
Dr Challoner's Grammar School 23 24 27
Royal Grammar School 4   1
Aylesbury Grammar School   1  
Chesham Grammar School 4 1 3
John Hampden Grammar School 2 1 1
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School   1  
The Amersham School   2
The Misbourne School   1  
Pangbourne College   1  
Thorpe House School   1  
Lavington School 2    
Akeley Wood 2    
St Alban's School 2    
The King's School, Worcester 2    
Concord College   1  
The Purcell School of Music   1  
Tring School of Performing Arts     1
Sylvia Young Theatre School     1

Scholarships & Exhibitions


Eton Music Exhibition
Harrow  Sports Scholarship
Rugby Drama Scholarship
Haileybury Sports and Drama Scholarships
Wellington College Sports Scholarship
Merchant Taylors' DT Scholarship
Berkhamsted School Sports Scholarship, Drama Exhibition, Drama Scholarship, Music Exhibition
Haberdashers' Aske's Academic Scholarship
Abingdon School DT Scholarship
Uppingham DT Scholarship


Wellington College Sports Scholarships
The College at Radley Music Scholarship
Marlborough College Music Scholarship, William Morris All Rounder Scholarship
Haileybury Sports Scholarships
Oundle Academic Scholarships, Music Scholarship, General Scholarships
Bradfield College Sports Scholarships
Merchant Taylors' School James Jeans Academic Scholarship
Berkhamsted Sports Exhibitions
The Purcell School Music Scholarship
Concord College Maths Scholarship


Rugby Academic Scholarship, Music Scholarship and Drama Scholarship
Wellington College Sports Scholarship
Oundle Music Scholarship
Millfield Sports Scholarship (2)
Haileybury Sports Scholarship
St Edward's Oxford Sports Exhibition (2)
Bradfield Performing Arts Exhibition
Shiplake Academic and Drama Exhibition
Merchant Taylors' Mulcaster Award for Outstanding Talent, All Round Scholarship and Music Exhibition
Berkhamsted Music Exhibition, Drama Exhibition (2)
The King's School, Worcester Academic Exhibition
Aldenham Music Exhibition