The lessons for life our son has learned at The Beacon have been invaluable.

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Vision & Strategy

The Beacon’s mission is to inspire your son to achieve his full academic and personal potential within a happy, safe and stimulating environment, providing education of the highest quality delivered by caring and dedicated staff. We aim for The Beacon to be the leading independent boys' prep school in the country, offering a truly world-class education for boys aged 4 to 13, to help them face tomorrow's world as they mature into young men.

To achieve this, the school will, with the support of parents:

  1. Promote high standards of academic achievement through consistent expectation and encouragement.
  2. Nurture talent, and provide opportunity for all in the areas of art, drama, music, sport and technology.
  3. Enable pupils to develop the social and emotional skills needed to believe in themselves, show consideration for others and value diversity.
  4. Foster a love of learning, lifelong thinking, curiosity and communication skills to enable pupils to work independently and as part of a team.

In addition, it is the goal of the school to create a wider Beacon Association of current and past teachers, parents, Governors and most importantly current pupils and alumni, in order to foster a lifelong relationship with the school, for the sake of the school and Association members.

Furthermore the school will actively pursue relevant opportunities to extend the benefits of The Beacon, in terms of facilities and educational expertise, to the wider community.

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Traditional Values, Contemporary Education, World-Class Experience